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Marketing Planning & Methodology

Planning a marketing campaign in modern times still follows many of the same rules as it did twenty years ago. However, because there are far more communications tools available and some powerful ones at that, many marketing professionals are tentative or downright scared by all the new high-technology aspects they find themselves suddenly needing to master. The fear can trigger costly mistakes in their marketing planning & methodology which will hinder the ability for them to meet the client's actual needs.

The Core Elements

That said, the development of a quality digital campaign is not the most difficult thing to master. Like most skills that involve knowing the core building blocks, conversion marketing has to be done right to be effective. This means mastering the development of:

  • Brand identification
  • Campaign planning
  • Search marketing
  • Content optimization
  • Social media outreach
  • Sales conversions
  • Marketing analytics
  • Campaign evaluation

Coordinated Conversion Marketing

We have the necessary expertise to understand and manage the different aspects of graphic design, mobile platforms, photography and imagery, SEO, advertising and content project management, print and digital publication, and website development. To obtain an advantage, Converging Currents provides a highly coordinated approach to your conversion marketing campaign. This includes managing all of your project needs and delivers the difference between a canned solution that doesn't apply to one that is tailored to your specific needs.