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Branding and Marketing in Jacksonville

Consumer's interests are always changing. In today's digital world, branding and marketing in Jacksonville are no longer a one-way street. Understanding online campaign strategies and interacting with social platforms has become essential for success. At Converging Currents, our expertise in working with multi-media campaigns, website design, digital publishing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization and social media management is unmatched. Our team understands and can deliver the most effective marketing solutions for branding any company's products and services.

Helping Brands Be Discovered

We have a long history as leaders in multiple platform marketing campaigns and helping brands be discovered wherever consumers are searching. As part of your on-going internet marketing support, Converging Currents can:

  • Increase interactivity of campaigns
  • Provide stellar creative
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Manage integrated digital experience
  • Help control campaign costs
  • Create viral marketing messages
  • Communicate with social communities
  • Supplement conventional marketing
  • Evaluate conversion effectiveness
  • Leverage power across all platforms
  • Integrate social media networks
  • Provide responsive mobile media
  • Increase return on investments

More than ever, to effectively reach out to social communities and build new business partnerships, requires staying up-to-date on digital and mobile media marketing trends and changes.

Successful Digital Campaigns

Successful campaigns in the digital world are reliant on a diverse set of proven marketing activities designed to drive targeted traffic to your website. To attract and build these meaningful relationships with potential and existing customers, requires a creative web design, quality content, responsive platform support and expert search engine optimization. We have created an offering of services that will help you plan, develop, deliver and manage all of your online communications. A true branding and marketing company doesn't build a quick website and dash out of the door. At Converging Currents, we're in it for the long run and growing your brand both offline and online is priority one.

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