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Today's marketing trend is leaning heavily to the visual side. Traditional print and broadcast help with local marketing but how is your online video presence? When you choose Converging Currents as your video production company in Jacksonville, we deliver killer visuals that reach your target market and promote conversions to support your inbound marketing strategies.

We Complete Your Branding Picture

We design a unique visual message to connect you with users by coordinating your:

  • Video production
  • Digital photography
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Engaging content
  • Marketing sliders and taglines
  • Video newsletters

Converging Currents using these and other tools to bring your business to your customers on a consistent and measurable basis.

Transparent ROI

With the wide range of visual services offered by Converging Currents, we make delivering your digital message easy. Your ROI statistics are tracked so that you can precisely see where your digital marketing budget is working for you. Our plan is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fit-all system. We look at your brand, your product, your target market and exclusively tailor a video marketing plan to ensure your message comes through across all platforms. No print or broadcast media companies can offer the tracking accuracy available from Converging Currents.

From social media to downloadable content, Converging Currents fills the gaps in your video productions. We make sure your message connects with your audience -- whether local, regional or international.