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Marketing Project Management Jacksonville

An ideal marketing plan consists of a website with a blog, and a variety of media outlets directing customers toward it. With the proliferation of different kinds of digital media during the last few years, preparing and keeping track of a marketing project can be time consuming, expensive, and confusing. We at Converging Currents are here to help relieve that confusion for businesses in and around Jacksonville.

Marketing Media Projects

In addition to your website, there are three main categories of media that Converging Currents can use to promote your goods or services:

  • Publishing - This includes print (magazines, newspapers), web (website, blogs), and tablets (eBooks).
  • Broadcasting - Video production that introduces products or services, shows a related do-it-yourself project, or demonstrates how to use a particular product the customer has already bought.
  • Advertising - Online or offline ads, banner ads or print ads, and social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

The Promotional Process

The process, itself, starts with conception of a marketing project that will satisfy your company needs. From there we determine which promotional media to use when, and design materials that engage their users. We'll get your approval, then distribute the materials to their respective media and keep track of the results, using them to tweak your materials for greater impact.

Each medium used reinforces the others. So, Converging Currents ensures your promotional materials are consistent and of the highest quality. You can depend on us to manage your marketing projects with excellent results.


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