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Mobile Marketing Jacksonville

Mobile marketing has become an essential part of any online campaign. It is estimated that by 2014 mobile Internet users will overtake Internet users on laptops and personal computers. That means that any company who has not optimized their website and marketing campaigns for mobile devices will be missing out on potential customers.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Mobile devices display websites on a different scale. This means that companies must ensure their websites are:

  • Able to convert to any screen
  • Easy to navigate
  • Meeting privacy requirements
  • Responsive to multiple devices
  • Designed for conversion
  • Tracking user responses
  • Convenient to use
  • Social media friendly

If a website cannot be easily read on these devices, a number of customers are going to visit a competitor's website rather than wait until they are in front of a computer.

Understanding the Noise

Countless companies are experts when it comes to their particular industry, but they are overwhelmed when trying to sort through all the information available about mobile marketing. We help businesses sort through the noise and develop successful marketing campaigns. Businesses must also take into account what the customer is looking for. As an example, the contact page on a mobile page should emphasize the phone number and email address, both of which the user can easily use from their device. Conversely, a mailing address is not going to be as helpful. Similar considerations must also be given to your ad campaigns and other marketing techniques.

Mobile marketing is such a large part of any successful campaign today that every company needs to maximize their reach and include mobile users. We work personally with your business through the whole process, from website design to the latest mobile marketing message. That is why you can trust Converging Currents. We have the expertise to take your company mobile.


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