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Your Digital Presence

Posted by convergingcurrents on December 11, 2013

Your Digital Presence - DIY or Get a Pro?

IMG_0972.jpgYou probably have a web site, blogs and social media coverage. There's a good chance that you wonder — from time to time — why they don't produce more sales.

After all, you built your company. You did the original marketing to make it successful yourself; you pounded the pavement and burned up the phone lines. Conquering the digital world shouldn’t be too different, should it?

It is. And that's why you should hire professional help for it.

Think about why you don't maintain your new car by yourself. Even if you’re a wrench jockey in your garage, even if you kept up your own car when you were a teenager, it’s not feasible on current vehicles. Today’s cars are computerized. They’re diagnosed and calibrated via software that only licensed dealers and mechanics have, and their maintenance often requires special tools. Restoring a classic car, like a’64 Mustang or ‘69 Camaro, is a great hobby, but an amateur can’t maintain a 21st century car on his (or her) own.

Your digital presence – including your web site and social media – is a dynamic force. It's subject to technical, logistical and creative factors. And like autos, the technology and expertise for marketing yourself has become complex.

For example, take the all-important task of improving your rankings in Google searches. Even a year ago, the concept of "search engine optimization," or SEO, meant putting key words — known as "meta tags" — in your web copy. Well, Google has improved the algorithms by which it ranks web pages. Thanks to its Hummingbird update, your web pages are ranked by a complex set of criteria for relevancy, including original content.

It's no longer enough to drop a few buzzwords into meta tags to come up high on a search engine. If you are merely recycling the copy from your brochure, copying news stories from other sites, or repeating copy from one page of your web site to another — you probably won't rank high, if at all.  

That's why custom content has become more important than ever, not only your web site, but for your blogs and social media communication, as well. The term SEO or “conversion marketing,” is converting viewers to customers. The quality of your content isn't important only to Google rankings — it's critical to the people who bring up the pages on your website.

Custom content, in short, is how you monetize your website. And if you're the owner of a growing business, you don’t have time to write new copy every two weeks for your web site and manage your social media to match it.

If you have a high expectation for the success of your business, hire a professional to manage your digital presence.

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