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Posted by convergingcurrents on September 13, 2013



How to Overcome the Onslaught of Aggressive Media

Do you feel like your organization’s message is being drowned in a tidal wave of aggressive, hard sell internet advertising?

“You won’t believe this amazing secret! Doctors [or insurance companies, car dealers, utilities, banks ... pick your entity] hate this!”

All of us have gone to a web site and seen these ads. (Most feature a stock photo of a well-endowed woman or well-muscled man to get you to click on the ad.) The ads are everywhere, and they work well for many companies and their products.

But what if your business or product isn’t one of them? What if you have to compete with that onslaught of aggressive attention grabbing?


Sorry. But you did keep reading.

The secret to increasing your business is to increase your audience – your “likes” on Facebook, people who’ll give you their email address. More people than ever are searching the internet to find what they want, and what they need.

So here’s the simple but amazing secret: You will grow your business if you make it easy for the people who want to buy what you have to find you. How simple is that? Which is why ...


Well, only the agencies who are late to digital marketing hate it. It’s the two-part reality of marketing in the digital age:

1) Content still is king. People have shorter attention spans than ever, thanks to the amount of information they’re bombarded with. The amount of time they’ll spend reading your materials and your website are a function of how relevant, how well written and how well presented graphically your materials are.

2) Search-engine optimization (or SEO) is how you make sure that your web site – including separate pages for each product or service people might search for – ranks high on the search results for your key words. Almost all internet searching is done on a handful of search engines, and the competition for page rankings is off the charts high.

People will only click through to web sites on the first page of their search engine results. That’s devastating if you don’t make it to the front page of Google (or Yahoo or Bing), but life changing wonderful if you get to the top of the search results.

SEO is an art and a science, and too complex to discuss here. But mastering the two-part reality – high-quality content and professional SEO – means that the people whom you want to know will be able to find you.

We know how to do that. Our clients tell us we do.

And that’s just as true in regular type as it is in screaming, boldface type with a stock photo of a good-looking person who has nothing whatsoever to do with your business.