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It’s Not How Many Media Platforms You’re On – It’s How Well They Work Together

Posted by convergingcurrents on September 3, 2013


It’s Not How Many Media Platforms You’re On – It’s How Well They Work Together

The wide range of media today poses a challenge for growing organizations.

Here’s the challenge for grow organizations with limited marketing resources. How can you produce content, deploy it over different types of media (print, digital social media), coordinate all the media, and drive customers to your content through targeted marketing and search-engine optimization?

Most organizations don’t have the resources to hire and keep a staff that knows how to do this. One solution is to augment your staff by using freelance help. But hiring freelancers brings another set of challenges: finding and vetting them, bringing them up to speed about your organization, and above all, managing their work.

Another possible solution is retaining an agency. The business model of advertising, public relations and media agencies dictates that you will be presented with a contract lasting months or years, since an agency needs continuing cash flow (yours) to recruit and retain their own teams. An agency relationship isn’t inherently good or bad for you, but it is a commitment.

Converging Currents provides a different solution to that challenge. We handle turnkey projects. We are a team of freelancers that has worked together for a minimum of eight years, and some of us as long as 16 years together. We started as the staff and freelancers for an award-winning lifestyle magazine in Jacksonville. Since 1997, members of the Converging Currents team have produced books, magazines, web sites, event programs and brochures – in print and digital formats – for a wide range of clients.

Coordination is the key to successful marketing. Digital drives the work now, not print. Although content is still king, as the expression goes, deploying that content over social media, optimizing your presence on search engines, and creating a web site that tells your story is how you develop an audience. Coordinating those media is both an art and a skill.

An audience, very simply, consists of the people who are looking for what you provide. The goal of marketing is to help them find you, to visit your web site to learn more about you, and ultimately, to make the decision to do business with you. Coordinating your presence on social media with your content and your web site.

All of that requires a coordination that is difficult to achieve when hiring individual freelancers, and very expensive to achieve by retaining an agency under contract.

Which is why Converging Currents can make your marketing life both simpler and more effective. How cool is that?