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Get SMART about your goals to manage your time - II

Posted by convergingcurrents on December 16, 2016


Zero Defects Be Your Own Quality Assurance

 Management by Objective (MBO), which was intended for managers in large organizations, wasn't for everybody. Critics began to focus on the fact that when everything is goal-driven (including compensation), people cut corners to achieve their goals, and quality often suffered.

Well, you're a small organization. There's no one to cut corners for, and probably no one else to inspect your work. You're your own quality assurance.

Philip Crosby, the famous quality guru in Orlando, wrote a book called Quality is Free. His point was that  errors and mistakes cost money. Doing it right the first time is the cheapest way to do anything.

Practically, it means that when you determine the time required for each task to meet your measurable goals,  don't cut corners! Make sure that you've allowed enough time and resources for each task to be done properly.

There is no allowable error.

Crosby, an engineer by training, was hired in the early 1960s by Martin Marietta Corp. to find out why their missiles were blowing up at Cape Canaveral. Crosby determined that each one of the thousands of steps needed to build a missile was performed to tolerance — meaning that each step was within an allowable range of error. Tolerance was often microscopic, maybe a thousandth of a millimeter. But when you compounded that acceptable error by thousands of tasks, your missile blew up! To change the company culture (which he did), Crosby is credited with coming up with the term "zero defects."