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Four Futures of Internet Marketing in 2019

Posted by convergingcurrents on December 13, 2018

  1. Personalize, Humanize, Realize: It’s no longer enough to just think in terms of broad demographic targeting. More and more companies are using one-to-one emails, where potential customers are called to action and engaged on a more human level. By harnessing the power of your CRM and e-commerce solutions you can craft personalized email campaigns built around data points such as past behavior, purchase history, and personal information like birthdays or anniversaries. Personalized communications will help your customers interact with you, launching your company towards its true potential!
  2. Amplify, Clarify, and Ignite your brand voice: One look inside anyone’s inbox reveals one thing: with people receiving over 100 business emails on average per day… everyone is doing email marketing. It is vital that your internet marketing campaigns are clear about who you and your brand are and what exactly you are offering. The more engaging and interactive you can make your marketing the more possibilities you have for your customers to connect with you, share your content, and reach out to your company. Release your marketing by using it to start a conversation, not just by making an offer.
  3. Lines are meant to be blurred: As a higher and higher percentage of companies intensify their commitment to e-commerce and internet marketing solutions, the traditional lines between marketing automation, customer relationship management, and email marketing are starting to weaken. 2019 may be the year where they come down completely. Successful marketing campaigns will become more user-friendly, more automated, and more interactive, leaving old, strict standards of marketing in the dust. The future of marketing belongs with those who embrace ingenuity!
  4. Don’t lose the personal touch: While concentrating on how to take full advantage of the newest technology is incredibly important, it’s not enough to just treat your customers like humans. It is critical that they feel like they are interacting with humans as well, not just some corporate edifice trying to sell them something. Anything from having a responsive customer service department, to investing in engaging and dynamic social media campaigns, to having a personalized rather than a sale-sy tone in your marketing materials can go a long way towards making your company more relatable and approachable.  In an increasingly automated and online world, it’s impossible to beat a personal touch. 

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