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Digital Marketing is the Future. And the Future is Now.

Posted by convergingcurrents on January 30, 2019


Digital Marketing is, without a doubt, on the rise. Already more Americans engage with digital advertising than with television or print, and by 2020 over 50% of all marketing campaigns will be digital. So, what are some major benefits of digital marketing over its more traditional predecessors. 

1. Personalization. Today’s consumers want to be talked to like human beings. From individualized advertisements to targeted campaigns, it is easier to have your marketing seem like a one to one conversation by using digital marketing. 

2. Tracking. It is almost impossible to prove the effectiveness of a traditional advertisement. If sales increase during a campaign, perhaps that’s because of the campaign, but it might have to do with something else entirely. Similarly, perhaps sales do not increase during a traditional advertising campaign. There’s no way to quantify whether or not some other factor contributed to that. With digital marketing, all of that data is quantified and tracked to help you understand how your campaign affected potential leads and improve campaigns in the future.

3. Go Where the People are: We live in an increasingly interconnected, digital world. When people are looking for a new product or service, particularly on the go, they are looking online, through a google search or by asking their phone. If your company hasn’t invested in its digital presence, someone else in your industry will, and you’ll soon be on the outside looking in.

Have a True Digital Footprint:  Choosing the right digital marketing solutions for your organization can be a major challenge. Online marketing today goes way beyond having a great website and social media presence. You may choose to use marketing automation solutions with workflows and drip campaigns or perhaps you’ll utilize less complex email marketing campaigns. Social media ads, SEO, and PPC campaigns can be utilized to generate even more leads. Determining the ideal marketing mix will take testing, monitoring, and measuring. Done well, digital marketing not only allows you to reach your customers across multiple platforms and devices, it also allows you to better understand exactly who your best customers are and how to properly target them.

So, with all of these factors showing the superiority of digital marketing, why is any vestige of traditional marketing still sticking around? 

Well, while more and more people are online, not everyone is quite yet, and reaching customers who aren’t as comfortable with the internet is still a priority. Additionally, print, television, and radio ads have been proven to contribute to building trust and brand awareness, even if those forms of media are on the decline. Finally, change is hard. Business leaders who haven’t made the leap into digital marketing often feel afraid of the unknown. In most cases, this fear is not justified, and their companies would be better suited embracing more diverse marketing strategies.

The Final Word: Traditional marketing is not dead but relying on it entirely for your campaigns certainly should be. Incorporating multiple types of digital advertising in your marketing mix is vital for sustainable growth. As more and more of the world’s personal and professional business happens online, digital marketing’s importance will only continue to increase. Get ahead of the curve and learn about digital marketing solutions today!